Pipes and Fittings

Fabco uPVC Pipes: Pipes and the fittings are available in different Standards and for number of purposes for the above ground and the underground applications. The pipes can meet any requirements for water, sewage and drainage lines.

The specialization of Fabco is also in special bends and radius confirming to the BS and ASTM, SASO or any equivalent world standards. The pipes and the complete range of products are manufactured in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Emiplast Plastic Pipes, Eppinco PPR Pipes, fittings, and Emipex PEX Pipes and fittings.

Eppinco pipes are also one of the reputed brand in the piping system for residential commercial and industrial usages. The Pipes confirm to BS and American standards available in different range of sizes and colour. The pipes and fittings are manufactured in the United Arab Emirates.

The IVA-PEX system has everything you need for this application field. When connected to IVA-PEX rising mains by distributors, IVA-PEX pipe is   installed directly from roll to the various consumption points Рthe fastest way to install and without requiring connectors. Flexible, requiring few wall clamps and minimum installation effort; extremely efficient and economical.

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