Samsung (Korea) Sectional Water Tanks

Samsung specializes in the development and production of GRP performance products including GRP water tanks, bathroom materials, windows and doors and PVC hoses. Located in Daegue, Samsung’s large-scale plant and research center are dedicated to on-going development and production to lead the industry. The advanced technology has received IS014001 and PSB & WRAS certification and is garnering world acclaim.

In addition, with a corporate ideology rooted in placing our customers first, we base our management and product development upon this foundation of trust, contributing to technological innovation, quality improvement, and added value enhancement.

In order to carry out such customer-oriented management, we constantly keep in mind the priorities of stringent quality management and environmental protection. In following, we adopted ISO product quality and environmental management standards from the very beginning and our efforts to grow as an environmental friendly company along with our customers are never ending.

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